Asphalt Paving Comes with More Benefits than you can Imagine

Whenever we talk about asphalt paving in Oakland County, the first thing that comes to mind it a hot mix of gravels and tar. Yes, that is basically the idea because the process of asphalt paving involves melting the tar during cold conditions and mixing them with small sized asphalt gravel. Now, whenever you want to install asphalt paving, it important to first of all look at the advantages of the benefits and whether asphalt paving can meet your need in short and in the long run. Asphalt paving is a very common thing in Oakland County and that is why we need to look at the benefits.

As compared to other types of paving, it is durable and long lasting

You will agree with me that everybody would like to be associated with a product that can last longer. Asphalt paving in Oakland County is very popular among home owners as well as business owners basically because of just that. What are we talking about here? We are talking about durability. As long as it is installed by someone with the right experience and passion towards it, then you need to rest assures that it will last for about 15 to 20 years before you can start thinking of asphalt paving repair costs.

It is affordable and cost effective

The cost efficiency of paving a section may be determined by how much money and resources is used to install. Asphalt paving in Oakland County has been considered one of the most cost efficient. This is because, it is very easy and cheap to acquire crude oil. Secondly, mixing the gravels with the crude oil is very easy and you may need a single worker to operate the machines. Here you only meet the cost of buying gravels, transportation and installation expenses. You don’t need many workers to do it.

You can recycle old asphalt

If you have come across an old asphalt paved road, you will realize that the top layer can be removed then the gravels beneath it reused. Asphalt paving in Oakland County has seen contractors suggesting the need to recycle the materials. All you need during recycling is basically the crude oil. Once the old gravel is spread, the next thing is spraying crude oil on the surface and you will be good to go.

The time taken to install asphalt is very short

Considering that the materials used in asphalt paving in Oakland County are readily available, it becomes very easy to install asphalt pavements. It can actually take just a few days and a couple of medium duty machines to pave a long stretch of pavement.

Asphalt paving in Oakland County is very safe

Now, as soon as the hot crude oil cools and solidifies, the small gravels thrown on top of this thing sheet of crude oil increases the grip between your shoes or between your tyres and the surface. Far from that, since the dark color of crude oil enhances heat absorption; the slightest presence of ice will be converted into water. This makes an ice free pavement.