What are some of the Asphalt faults/damages in Oakland County?

Every pavement may not last forever. Asphalt paving in Oakland County may last long enough until a time when you feel like the damages are to extensive for you to continue being proud of. Now, there are a number of damages or faults that may start appearing on your asphalt paving in Oakland County. You need to be aware of what makes your asphalt paving unfit and worth re-installing. The damages include cracks, potholes, depressions, base dislocation and stripping away. As soon as you understand the above faults, the sooner you will decide the right type of repair.

Stripping away of the surface mass

Asphalt paving in Oakland County is all about pouring asphalt or gravels, finding the right thickness and level then sealing the top layer with tar or crude oil. When the crude oil cools, it holds the asphalt together forming an aggregate. As the asphalt paving gets exposed to draught and other natural elements, it starts to weaken. A weak asphalt pavement may not withhold the horizontal as well as centrifugal forces. Eventually, you asphalt pavement will give in to these forces hence stripping or tearing out.

Potholes on asphalt pavements

It is very common to see potholes in almost every old pavement. Potholes are natural as far as asphalt paving in Oakland County is considered. With that idea, one of the damages of asphalt paving is basically the potholes. The potholes starts to develop when a crack or a line of weakness extends contraction and expansion as well as the effect of heavy trucks. The potholes are actually easy to repair since hot asphalt and tar mixture can be used to fill the pothole. It is also crucial to remember that potholes can hold water and you may not tell its depth when driving over the pavement.

The depression faults

The asphalt pavement depressions are different from potholes. Whereas the potholes are open, the depressions are basically intact and shallower. The base materials are still intact but the difference is that they have experienced sinking due to excessive weight of the vehicles. It is very crucial therefore to differentiate between the potholes and depressions so that your asphalt paving in Oakland County can be a good experience.

Base dislocation faults

The base of every asphalt paving in Oakland County is made of asphalt or small sized graveled if you may like. With that idea in mind, your contractor should be able to compress the base materials well so as to make them compact before pouring the hot or cold crude oil on top of the compressed base. Sometimes, the wrong weight of machineries used might result in later damages. This is where the base materials starts to move and your pavement will start to shatter.

The cracks

It is very common to see crack in pavements and that comes as a result of earth movements such as landslides. Asphalt paving in Oakland County should consider these faults so that the right asphalt installation techniques can be employed. One of the techniques used to avoid this is by introducing a contraction and expansion slots along and across some sections.

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